No Lysol? Drink POWER JUICE

Good evening -

Part of coming home has involved a Cleaning Supply Review (more on that later).

Sadly, there is no Lysol available for spritzing our treasured Negroni prior to consumption. 

So what did we do? We made POWER JUICE. It will clean just about anything. (All ingredients are LEGAL. Go Ask Alice.)

First, pulverize the following in a blender:

(1) Juice of 6 oranges, 2 lemons + 1 lime (or any combo you have avail)

(2) Carrots - 2 or 3 large, or 1/3 bag of baby? 

(3) as much Ginger as you (a) want or (b) can tolerate (powder ok)

(4) as much Turmeric as you (a) want or (b) can tolerate (powder ok)

(5) Basil or Mint or Cilantro - pick your fave

Then drink it. If you grind with ice, you may get smaller. Add gin and you may get larger. (Go Ask Alice.) You'll know which way to go.

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