Organizational Announcement

 We close this week with some very positive news. 

We are pleased to inform you that  Willa DuBois has joined         NO AGENDA as Head of our new Project Management Office.

In this role, Willa will do a lot of stuff. 

Willa is a member of the high school class of 2020. Although the Internet now reports to her, she aspires to go to college eventually. We'll take what we can get while we can.

As many of you are painfully aware, gender pay equity is a pressing issue across the public, private and civil society sectors. We are proud to affirm that Willa is receiving market-competitive compensation commensurate with her level of education, skills and experience. As we all should. 

We thank Willa for her advice, counsel and hard work building the FASHION IS NOT FRIVOLOUS page of the NO AGENDA website.

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