The Ultimate Sailor

The night before Spouse began working in the Covid wards, we sent him a link to a new song by a London drummer-turned-singer who records under the name “Georgia.” The song is called “Ultimate Sailor,” and the lyrics go as follows: “I’d be the ultimate sailor, traveling the world to you.”

Writ small, it was about affirming that we will get back home eventually. Writ large, it’s about how, during this crisis, all of us have had to travel away from each other.

Part of rebuilding the social order will be traveling back to each other. When someone becomes our indirect object, the focus shifts from “I” to “you” – “I listen to you,” – or, in this case, “I travel to you.” At that moment, the ego subsides, allowing shared experiences to take place.These shared experiences are the basis for communities, which help define the social order.

Ooh. Deep thoughts going into the weekend. But if you want to explore this concept, read Luce Irigaray's "I Love to You" (in all of your spare time).

As with any seagoing individual, it’s time to fill a glass. Happy Friday and talk next week, 


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