Time gets Trippy...

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

A major theme of this week's Corona Calls has been the challenge of coping with what we are calling the "elasticity of time." Why do our days feel like one giant rubberband, expanding and contracting at will?  Here are some very simple, efficient ways to take control over time: 

(1) Get into a 60-90 day mindset. Are you an Athlete? Musician? Then get into the zone. Focus -- and train for the day you will emerge. (2) Don't let time confuse you. Confirm the day of the week, and the date, every morning when you wake up. You can write it on a Post-it and stick it above your computer if you want.  (3) Pick an object you love. Take a picture of it in a different place every day. This can be your instant record of your time in quarantine. (photo below)  (4) Keep a ship's log. While many of us are introspective, not everyone has the inclination -- or time -- to record her daily thoughts. At No Agenda, we are keeping a ship's log of our daily activities. A very basic "when and what" (photo below).  (5) Join a No Agenda Corona Call. You'll talk to others in the same situation at a specific time of day. Next week's schedule will come out on Sunday afternoon.  With love,  NO AGENDA

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